Upcoming Futsal – LDSL/FAI – 5 v 5’s – 17.09.2020

We at the LDSL hope you are all keeping safe and well.  In the closed season, Jerry wrote to all the clubs and RDO’s in relation to getting ideas on how we could go about making football in the district better for all involved.  Jason O’Connor the FAI RDO came back with a number of suggestions one of which was Futsal.  We met with Jason on Monday evening and agrees with the SSG’s due to finish in the next couple of weeks, the U8/9’s season will finish on the 3rd of October, the league will work with the Jason on getting as many clubs as possible to enter teams in the futsal.  The league committee really encourage all clubs to attend, Jason has really highlighted the benefits of Futsal in a players development. 

Once we have all the clubs involved the information will go up on the website for fixtures and venues. 

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thanks, John  

Jason O’Connor – FAI RDO notes the benefits of the upcoming Futsal Programme.

Futsal is widely recognised as one of the quickest & most effective player development tools for players of every age, but more importantly at the formative stage of football development (aged 6-10 years)
The secret to player development at this age is the players relationship with the ball & how quickly he or she can master it.
The Futsal ball in 5v5 games allows the players as many as six times more interaction with the ball than in association football.
Through the game of Futsal the players experience more opportunities to attack, defend & score goals in a quick transition environment.
The rules of the game will allow the players the opportunity to become more familiar with receiving the ball in their own half & then themselves learning over the weeks from the decisions they make in & out of possession.
Once engaged in our blitz programme if your players continue to also train with their clubs obviously it increase their contact time & improves them as players.

To summarise, some of the benefits of Futsal are

• More touches on the ball
• Many opportunities to score goals and score more often
• Encourages possession (attacking) and regaining possession of the ball
• Stimulates attacking and defending as a team, everyone involved
• Teaches fast transition, from attacking to defending, and vice-versa
• Maximizes active participation and minimizes inactivity
• Reduced space requires players to think faster, speed up decision making, demand good ball control, precise passing, and most of all stimulates creativity
• Better motor ability: balance, agility and coordination
• Produce Pro Active – Head Up – Creative – Brave Players
• Learning by discovery, playing!