SFAI Skechers National Cups – 12.08.2020

(League Secretaries are asked to forward this to their clubs represented in the SFAI Skechers National Cups immediately)

Dear Secretary,

Ahead of this weekend’s SFAI Skechers National Cups fixtures clubs are reminded that all have agreed to adhere to the FAI Safer Return to Play Protocol, which can be found HEREand attached.

Furthermore, all clubs involved must communicate with their opposition to ensure the number of people at any venue does not exceed 200 as per Government guidelines, and those that are travelling are accommodated with entry, where possible based on the system the home club has in place.

Club’s COVID-19 Compliance Officers are reminded of their obligations, contained within the FAI Safer Return to Play Protocol.

Also, see the link below for the FAQ document which may answer some questions clubs have in relation to a variety of topics.

Included in these FAQs is advice for clubs around spectators and contact tracing:


  • Attendances at all outdoor sporting activities are subject to HSE Guidelines with the current maximum limit set at 200 to include all players, coaching and medical staff, match officials, match operations staff, club officials and spectators.
  • Clubs must ensure that spectators strictly adhere to the 2 metres social distancing rule
  • The home team’s COVID-19 officer must ensure that their team’s attendees register their contact details on entering the venue
  • These details are to be kept on record for four weeks for contact tracing purposes
  • The away team must supply a list of all those travelling to their own COVID-19 Compliance Officer for contact tracing purposes
  • Spectators are expected to take personal responsibility for 2 metres social distancing when they attend games

FAQ Link: HEREand attached.

Should you require any further help please do not hesitate to contact me.