Results 2020 (Canx. Short Season)

Results  March 21st   Saturday
U 12 Regions cup Semi- Finals
Pike RvsGranagh Utd2pmPike Grounds
Killarney AthAisling/Annacotty2pmKillarney
U 14 Regions Cup Semi – Finals
Aisling/AnnacottyPike Rvs2.30pmAnnacotty AWP
Caherdavin CelticKillarney Celtic2pm    Greenhills
U 12 Premier League
ShelbourneCorbally Utd  A11amShelbourne Park
Fairview Rgs  ARegional Utd  A11amFairgreen
U 12 Div 1 League
Caherdavin CelPike Rvs  B11amGreenhills
Newport Town  AAisling/Annaco  C11amNewport
Regional Utd  BCoonagh Utd11amDooradoyle
Lisnagry  AMungret/Reg  B11amScanlon Pk
U 12 Div 2  League
Carew ParkAisling/Annac  D11amCarew Park
GeraldinesFairview Rgs  B11amGarryowen
CaherconlishMungret/Reg  C11amCaherconlish
Corbally Utd  BStar Rvs11amAthlunkard
Bridge Celtic  ASummerville Rvs11amBridgetown
Ballynanty RvsMoyross Utd11amShelbourne Park
U 12 Div 3  League
Bridge Celtic  BRegional Utd  C12.30pmBridgetown
Aisling/Annac  ENewport Town  B11amAnnacotty Grass
Corbally Utd  CLisnagry  B12.30pmAthlunkard
U 14 Premier League
Mungret/Reg  ACarew Park11amCastlemungret
U 14 Div 1 League
CaherconlishAisling/Annac  B12.30pmCaherconlish
Ballynanty RvsGranville Rgs12.30pmShelbourne Park
Summerville RvsRegional Utd  A11amPortland Pk
U 14 Div 2 League
Aisling/Annac  CShelbourne11amKillonan
Mungret/Reg  BCaherdavin Cel  B12.30pmCastlemungret
Corbally Utd  BRegional Itd  B2pmAthlunkard
Fairview Rgs  BGeraldines12.30pmFairgreen
U 16  Premier League
Aisling/Annac  APike Rvs4pmAnnacotty AWP
ShelbourneFairview Rgs12.30pmShelbourne Pk
Caherdavin CelticRegional Utd  A2pmGreenhills
U 16 Div 1  League
ParkvilleAisling/Annac  C12.30pmKillonan
Newport TownMungret/Reg12.30pmNewport
Regional Utd  BAisling/Annac  B12.30pmDooradoyle AWP
Fixtures March 15th Sunday
Skechers cup U 14 Q – Final
Doncarney CelticAisling/Annacotty2.30pmCastemartin
Fixtures March 14th Saturday
Skechers cup U 13  Q – Final
Aisling/AnnacottyKilcock Celtic2.30pmAnnacotty AWPTBC
U 15 Regions Cup Q-Final
ShelbourneKildimo Utd11amShelbourne ParkK Gorman
U  13  Premier  League
Mungret/Reg  ACaherdavin Celtic11amMungretM Bourke
Pike Rvs  AShelbourne11amPike GroundsT Mannion
U 13 Div 1  League
Fairview Rgs  AAisling/Annac  B11amFairgreenK McCormack
Regional Utd  BBallynanty Rvs11amDooradoyleP o Brien
Granville RgsBridge Celtic11amGlenbrookA Galvin
U 13 Div 2  League
Aisling/Annac  CMungret/Reg  B11amKilonanR Conway
GeraldinesSummerville Rvs11amGarryowenT Meagher
U 13 Div  3  League
Aisling/Annac  DPike Rvs  C12.30pmKilonanAdam Walsh
ParkvilleFairview Rgs  B12.30pmFairgreenF O Donovan
U 15 Premier Leasgue
Mungret/Reg  AFairview Rgs  A11amCastlemungretB Higgins
Regional Utd  APike Rvs  A12,30pmDooradoyle AWPG Clancy
U 15 Div  1  League
Fairview Rgs B                       Aisling/Annac  B2pmFairgreenD Downing
Ballynanty RvsCaherdavin Cel  A11amShelbourne ParkS Rooney
Corbally Utd  ARegional Utd  B11amAthlunkardJ Mac
ParkvilleCarew Park11amCarew ParkM Monahan
U 15  Div 2  League
GeraldinesNewport Town B11amRathuardJ Clancy
Aisling/Annacotty  CMungret/Reg  B11amAnnacotty GrassT Joyce
Results Mar 7th  Saturday
U 12  Premier League     
Mungret/Reg   AAislind/Annaco  B11amMungretL Somers2-0
Pike Rvs  ARegional Utd  A11amPike GroundsK McCormack0-1
Corbally Utd  AFairview Rgs  A11amAthlunkardF O Donovan1-0
U 12 Div 1  League     
Mungret/Reg  BCoonagh Utd12.30pmMungretA Galvin6-1
Caherdavin CelRegional Utd  B11amGreenhillsM Bourke4-1
Pike Rvs  BAisling/Annaco  C12.30pmPike GroundsK McCormack4-0
Lisnagry  ANewport Town  A11amScsnlon PkJ Clancy0-6
U 12 Div 2  League     
GeraldinesCaherconlish11amGarryowenT Meagher1-1
Moyross UtdCorbally Utd  B11amMoyrossT Mannion4-2
Star RvsSummerville Rvs11amLee EstateS O Holloran2-1
Bridge Celtic  AFairview Rgs  B11amBridgetownAdam Walsh2-1
Aisling/Annac  DMungret/Reg  C11amAnnacotty GrassR ConwayOFF
U 12  Div 3  League     
Newport Town  BCorbally Utd  C11amNewportS Scully1-2
Regional Utd  CAisling/Annac  E11amDooradoyleP O Brien5-0
Mungret/Reg  DBridge Celtic  B2pmMungretA Galvin1-2
U 14 Premier  League     
Corbally Utd  AMungret/Reg  A2pmAthlunkardF O Donovan0-4
Caherdavin Cel  AAisling/Annac  A12.30pmGreenhillsM Bourke1-1
Carew ParkFairview Rgs  A11amCarew ParkS Rooney1-0
U 14  Div 1  League     
Summerville RvsAisling/Annac  B11amPortland PkT Joyce1-4
Newport TownCaherconlish12.30pmNewportS Scully3-2
U 14 Div 2  League     
GeraldinesRegional Itd  B12.45 pmRathuardT Joyce6-2
Fairview Rgs  BCaherdavin Cel  B11amFairgreenJ Mac1-6
Mungret/Reg  BAisling/Annac  C11amCastlemungretB Higgins6-1
Corbally Utd  BShelbourne12.30pmAthlunkardF O Donovan5-7
U 16  Premier  League     
Regional Utd  APike Rvs12.30pmDooradoyle AWPR Broe4-1
Aisling/Annac  AShelbourne2.30pmAnnacotty AWPG Clancy5-0
Fairview RgsCaherdavin Celtic12.30pmFairgreenJ Mac1-0
U 16 Div 1  League     
Mungret/RegParkville12.30pmCastlemungretB Higgins1-2
Regional Utd  BNewport Town2.15pmDooradoyle AwpR Broe1-6
Results Feb 29th Saturday
To all clubs due to the inclement weather all schoolboy games fixed for feb 29th on grass and astro are cancelled. All SFAI cup games go ahead. Thank you jerry flynn fix sec.

U  13  Premier  League     
Mungret/Reg  ACaherdavin Celtic11amMungretF O Donovan 
Regional Utd  ACorbally Utd  A11amDooradoyleM Bourke 
Pike Rvs  AShelbourne11amPike GroundsT Joyce 
U 13 Div 1  League     
Fairview Rgs  AAisling/Annac  B11amFairgreenJ Clancy 
Regional Utd  BBallynanty Rvs12.30pmDooradoyleP O Brien 
Granville RgsBridge Celtic11amGlenbrookC Walsh 
U 13 Div 2  League     
Aisling/Annac  CMungret/Reg  B11amAnnacotty GrassA Walsh 
GeraldinesSummerville Rvs11amGarryowenT Meagher 
U 13 Div  3  League     
Corbally Utd  BParkville11amAthlunkardS Scully 
U 15 Premier Leasgue     
Mungret/Reg  AFairview Rgs  A11amCastlemungretG Clancy 
Regional Utd  APike Rvs  A12,30pmDooradoyle AWPB Higgins 
Newport Town  AAisling/Annac  A11amNewportR Broe 
U 15 Div  1  League     
Fairview Rgs  BAisling/Annac  B12.30pmFairgreenK Gorman 
Ballynanty RvsCaherdavin Cel  A11amShelbourne ParkJ Mac 
Corbally Utd  ARegional Utd  B12.30pmAthlunkardA Galvin 
ParkvilleCarew Park11amCarew ParkD Downing 
U 15  Div 2  League     
GeraldinesNewport Town B11amRathuardS Rooney 
Aisling/Annacotty  CMungret/Reg  B2.30pmAnnacotty AWPM Monahan 
Results Feb 22nd  Saturday
To all club secretaries … due to the inclement weather, all LDSL schoolboy games fixed for Feb 22nd on grass and astro pitches are CANCELLED, except for SFAI cup games. Thank you, Jerry Flynn, Fix. Sec.
U 12  Premier League
Mungret/Reg   AAislind/Annaco  B11amMungretA Galvin
Pike Rvs  AShelbourne11amPike GroundsK McCormack
Corbally Utd  AFairview Rgs  A11amAthlunkardF O’Donovan
U 12 Div 1  League
Mungret/Reg  BCoonagh Utd12.30pmMungretA Galvin
Caherdavin CelRegional Utd  B11amGreenhillsM Bourke
Pike Rvs  BAisling/Annaco  C12.30pmPike GroundsMcCormack
Lisnagry  ANewport Town  A11amScsnlon PkJ Clancy
U 12 Div 2  League
CaherconlishBallynanty Rvs11amCaherconlishR Conway
Moyross UtdCorbally Utd  B12.30pm
* new time
MoyrossM Bourke
Star RvsSummerville Rvs11amLee EstateS O Holloran
Bridge Celtic  AFairview Rgs  B11amBridgetownAdam Walsh
GeraldinesCarew Park11amGarryowenT Meagher
Aisling/Annac  DMungret/Reg  C12.30pm
* new time
Annacotty GrassT Joyce
U 12  Div 3  League
Newport Town  BCorbally Utd  C11amNewportS Scully
Regional Utd  CAisling/Annac  E11amDooradoyleColm Walsh
Mungret/Reg  DBridge Celtic  B2pmMungretA Galvin
U 14 Premier  League
Corbally Utd  AMungret/Reg  A2pmAthlunkardF O Donovan
Pike Rvs  ACaherdavin Cel  A2pmPike GroundsK McCormack
Carew ParkFairview Rgs  A11amCarew ParkL Somers
U 14  Div 1  League
Granville RgsSummerville Rvs11amGlenbrookT Mannion
Aisling/Annac  BBallynanty Rvs11amKilonanG Clancy
Newport TownCaherconlish12.30pmNewportS Scully
U 14 Div 2  League
GeraldinesRegional Itd  B11amRathuardM Monahan
Fairview Rgs  BCaherdavin Cel  B11amFairgreenJ Mac
Mungret/Reg  BAisling/Annac  C11amCastlemungretB Higgins
Corbally Utd  BShelbourne12.30pmAthlunkardF O Donovan
U 16  Premier  League
Regional Utd  APike Rvs12.30pmDooradoyle awpR Broe
Aisling/Annac  AShelbourne12.30pmKilonanG Clancy
Fairview RgsCaherdavin Celtic12.30pmFairgreenJ Mac
U 16 Div 1  League
Mungret/RegParkville12.30pmCastlemungretB Higgins
Regional Utd  BNewport Town2pmDooradoyle AwpR Broe

To all secretaries due to the inclement bad weather all schoolboy games fixed for Feb 15th/16th on grass and Astro are cancelled. All SFAI cup games go ahead thank you Jerry Flynn fix sec

LDSL Results Feb 15th  Saturday
U 13  Premier  League     
Caherdavin CelticCaherconlish12.30pmGreenhills
*new venue
T. Joyce 
Corbally Utd  APike Rvs  A11amAthlunkardS. Scully 
ShelbourneMungret/Reg  A11amShelbourne ParkM. Bourke 
U 13 Div 1  League     
Pike Rvs  BBallynanty Rvs11amPike GroundsF. O’Donovan 
Fairview Rgs  ABridge Celtic11amFairgreenT. Meagher 
Regional Utd  BGranville Rgs11amDooradoyleT. Mannion 
U 13 Div 2  League     
Summerville RvsStar Rvs11amPortland ParkJ. Clancy 
U 13 Div 3  League     
ParkvilleFairview Rgs  B12.30pmFairgreenK. McCormack 
Aisling/Annacotty  DCorbally Utd  B11amKillonanA. Walsh 
U 15  Premier  League     
Pike Rvs  ANewport Town  A12.30pmPike GroundsB. Higgins 
ShelbourneMungret/Reg  A12.30pmShelbourne ParkR. BroeOFF
Regional Utd. AShelbourne12.30pmDooradoyle AWPR. Broe 
U 15 Div 1  League     
Fairview Rgs  BParkville2pmFairgreenG. Clancy 
Ballynanty RvsCorbally Utd  A11amShelbourne ParkJ. Mac 
Carew ParkCaherdavin Cel  A11amCarew ParkD. Downing 
Aisling/Annac  BRegional Utd  B11amAnnacotty GrassS. Rooney 
U 15 Div 2  League     
Aisling/Annac  CMungret/Reg  B2.30pmAnnacotty  AWPA. GalvinOFF
GeraldinesNewport Town B11amRathuardM. Monahan 
LDSL Results  Feb 8th  Saturday
U 12 Premier  League     
Regional Utd  AShelbourne11amDooradoyleC Walsh3-1
Fairview Rgs  AAisling/Annaco  B11amFairgreenT Meagher3-3
U 14 Premier  League     
Aisling/Annac  ACarew Park11amAnnacotty GrassS Rooney6-1
Fairview Rgs  ACorbally Utd  A12.30pmFairgreenT Joyce4-0
U 14 Div 1  League     
CaherconlishRegional Utd  A11amCaherconlishS Scully3-10
Ballynanty RvsSummerville Rvs11amShelbourne PkF O Donovan1-4
U 14 Div 2  League     
ShelbourneFairview Rgs  B11amShelbourne PkL SomersOFF
Mungret/Reg  BCorbally Utd  B12.30pmCastlemungretT MannionOFF
Caherdavin Cel  BGeraldines12.30pmL.I.T. Astro.M Bourke1-4
Regional Itd  BAisling/Annac  C12.30pmDooradoyle AWPJimmy Clancy2-3
U 16 Premier  League     
ShelbournePike Rvs12.30pmShelbourne PkG Clancy3-5
Caherdavin CelticAisling/Annac  A2pmL.I.T. AstroB Higgins0-1
U 16 Div 1  League     
Aisling/Annac  BAisling/Annac  C2.30pmAnnacotty AWPA Galvin6-1
LDSL Results February 1st  Saturday
U 13 Premier  League     
Pike Rvs  AMungret/Reg  A11amPike GroundsF O’Donovan4-4
Regional Utd  ACaherdavin Celtic11amDooradoyleS Scully11-0
CaherconlishShelbourne11amCaherconlishRyan Conway4-0
Aisling/Annaco  ACorbally Utd  A11amAnnacotty GrassT Joyce3-0
U 13 Div 1  League     
Regional Utd  BPike Rvs  B12.30pmDooradoyleT Mannion0-3
Granville RgsAisling/Annac  B11amGlenbrookJ Clancy0-6
Bridge CelticBallynanty Rvs11amBridgetownL Somers1-3
U 13 Div 2  league     
Mungret/Reg  BSummerville Rvs11amMungretC Walsh3-4
Newport TownCarew Park11amNewportOFFOFF
GeraldinesStar Rvs11amGarryowen
*new venue
S Rooney2-5
Aisling/Annac  CCaherdavin Cel  B2.30pmAnnacotty AWPOFFOFF
U 13 Div 3  League     
Fairview Rgs  BAisling/Annac  D11amFairgreenT Meagher6-2
Pike Rvs  CParkville12.30pmPike GroundsM Bourke4-1
U 15 Premier  League     
ShelbournePike Rvs  A11amShelbourne PkG Clancy0-2
Mungret/Reg  AAisling/Annac  A11amCastlemungretB Higgins0-9
Regional Utd  ANewport Town  A12.30pmDooradoyle AWPR Broe2-1
U 15 Div 1   League     
Regional Utd  BCarew Park2.15pmDooradoyle AWPD Downing9-0
Caherdavin Cel  AFairview Rgs  B11amGreenhillsOFFOFF
ParkvilleBallynanty Rvs11amShelbourne PkM Monahan3-3
Corbally Utd  AAisling/Annac  B11amAthlunkardJ Mac0-2
U 15 Div 2  League     
Aisling/Annac  CNewport Town  B3.45pmAnnacotty AWPK McCormack0-3
Mungret/Reg  BGeraldines12.30pmCastlemungretA Galvin1-4
Results  Jan 25th  Saturday
U 12 Premier  League     
ShelbourneFairview Rgs  A11amShelbourne ParkS O Holloran0-5
Aisling/Annaco  BRegional Utd  A11amAnnacotty/grassRyan Conway0-5
U 14  Premier  League     
Corbally Utd  ACarew Park11amAthlunkardL Somers4-2
U 14 Div 1  League     
Aisling/Annac  BRegional Utd  A11amKillonanT Joyce1-3
Newport TownSummerville Rvs11amNewportJ Clancy4-5
CaherconlishBallynanty Rvs11amCaherconlishF O Donovan4-4
U 14 Div 2  League     
Aisling/Annac  CGeraldines12.30pmKillonanT JoyceOFF
Regional Itd  BFairview Rgs  B12.30pmDooradoyle AWPT Mannion1-3
Corbally Utd  BCaherdavin Celtic  B12.30pmAthlunkardM Bourke1-3
U 16 Div 1  League     
Aisling/Annac  BParkville11amNth Campus ULS Rooney3-2
Aisling/Annac  CNewport Town12.45pmNth Campus ULT Joyce0-5
Regional Utd  BMungret/Reg2pmDooradoyle AWPK McCormack0-4
Results  Jan 18th  Saturday
U  13 Premier League




Corbally Utd  AShelbourne11amAthlunkardT Joyce2-1
Mungret/Reg  ACaherdavin Celtic11amMungretT MannionOFF
CaherconlishRegional Utd  A11amCaherconlishF O’Donovan3-6






U 13 Div 1  League




Aisling/Annac  BBridge Celtic11amKillonanL Somers2-0
Ballynanty RvsGranville Rgs11am          Shelbourne PkS O HolloranOFF
Fairview Rgs  ARegional Utd  B11amFairgreenT MeagherOFF






U 13 Div 2  League




Caherdavin Cel  BStar Rvs11amGreenhillsM BourkeOFF
Mungret/Reg  BGeraldines12.30pmMungretC Walsh6-0
Summerville RvsCarew Park11amPortland ParkJ ClancyOFF
Aisling/Annac  CNewport Town12.30pmKillonanK McCormack6-3






U 13 Div 3  League




ParkvilleAisling/Annac  D2.30pmAnnacotty AWPJ Mac2-0
Corbally Utd  BFairview Rgs  B12.30pmAthlunkardM Blake2-7






U 15 Premier  League




Aisling/Annac  ARegional Utd  A3.45pmAnnacotty AWPJ Mac8-0
Newport Town  AMungret/Reg  A11amNewportG Clancy3-0
Fairview Rgs  AShelbourne12.30pmFairgreenB HigginsOFF






U 15 Div 1  League




Aisling/Annac  BBallynanty Rvs11amAnnacotty GrassR Broe5-1
Regional Utd  BParkville12,30pmDooradoyle AWPK Gorman1-1
Carew ParkFairview Rgs  B11amCartew ParkS RooneyOFF
Corbally Utd  ACaherdavin Cel  A12.30pmAthlunkardA Galvin7-1






U 15 Div 2  League




GeraldinesAisling/Annac  C11amRathuardD DowningOFF
Newport Town  BMungret/Reg  B12.30pmNewportS Scully6-1
Results Jan 11th  Saturday
U 12  Premier League




Regional Utd  ACorbally Utd  A11amDooradoyleC Walsh2-3
ShelbourneMungret/Rteg  A11amShelbourne PkS O Holloran1-1
Fairview Rgs  APike Rvs  A11amFairgreenT Meagher1-1
Aisling/Annaco  BAisling/Annaco  A11amAnnacotty GrassM Blake0-5






U 14 Premier League




Caherdavin Cel  ACorbally Utd  A11amGreenhillsM BourkeOFF
Aisling/Annac  APike Rvs  A2.30pmAnnacotty AWPA Galvin6-0
Fairview Rgs  AMungret/Reg  A12.30pmFairgreenF O Donovan1-0






U 14 Div 1 League




Regional Utd  ABallynanty Rvs12.30pmDooradoyle AWPT Joyce8-0
Granville RgsCaherconlish11amGlenbrookRyan ConwayOFF
Aisling/Annac  BNewport Town11amKillonanS Rooney5-1






U 14 Div 2 League




Corbally Utd  BFairview Rgs  B11amAthlunkardS Scully1-1
ShelbourneRegional Itd  B12.30pmShelbourne PkJ Clancy7-2
Mungret/Reg  BGeraldines11amCastlemungretL Somers2-6
Caherdavin Cel  BAisling/Annac  C12.30pmGreenhillsT MannionOFF






U 16 Premier League




Aisling/Annac  AFairview Rgs4pmAnnacotty AWPR Broe5-1
Regional Utd  AShelbourne2pmDooradoyle AWPG Clancy1-0
Carew ParkCaherdavin Celtic11amCarew PkJ MacOFF






U 16 Div 1 League




Aisling/Annac  BMungret/Reg11amNth Campus ULB Higgins4-3
Newport TownParkville2pmNewportM Monahan6-0
Aisling/Annac  CRegional Utd  B12.45pmNth Campus ULB Higgins1-0