About Us (L.D.S.L)

Limerick District Schoolchildren League (L.D.S.L.) – catering for schoolboy/girls soccer in Limerick city and surrounds.

Vision Statement

L.D.S.L positively promote, develop and foster the development of under age. We support the F.A.I efforts to make soccer the preeminent sport for all children, creating a lifelong passion and love for the game.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to positively promote, develop and foster the development of under age in our community by providing soccer and life-enriching opportunities to young players of all ages and playing abilities, to create a lifelong passion for the sport of soccer, and to help raise the level of soccer in our city, and our Country. We strive to play an active role in the development and personal growth of our players and coaches by being an active member of our community through service and programs. Our ultimate goal as a League is to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach the highest level possible within the game and in life, while helping create leaders and individuals that will inspire others to do the same.

Our Strategic Aims & Objectives

•Promote & Develop  players and coaches e.g. (interleague)

•Monitor and evaluate players

•Provide a more challenging level of training

•More structured

•Improve the quality of the players across all levels

•Provide a positive and safe environment

Our Values

•Joy of playing/training

•Player centred approached

•A positive attitude creates a positive environment.

•Positive safe environment

•Sportsmanship and Respect for everyone


•Creativity and flexibility

•Performance is as important as result

•Committed to developing the player and the individual.

•Committed to developing coaches and Clubs.

•Teamwork and Passion

•Good leaders will inspire themselves.  Great leaders will inspire others.


•The team is greater than the individual.

•The club is greater than the team.

•The community is greater than the club.

We Believe in

•Leadership driven by fair play and sportsmanship.

•Affordable and inclusive player development.

•Commitment to education of coaches, referees and clubs.

•Promoting a fun, safe and healthy soccer environment.