L.D.S.L. League & Cup Winners

League & Cup Winners 2021-2022

League & Cup Winners 2020-2021

DivisionsLeague WinnersLeague Runners UpDiv. Cup WinnersDiv. Cup Runners Up
U.12 PremierPike Rovers ARegional United
U.12 Div. 1Pike Rovers BFairview Rangers A
U.12 Div. 2Mungret Regional Granville Rangers
U.12 Div. 3Star RoversCorbally United
U.12 Div. 4Summerville RoversFairview Rangers B
U.13 PremierAisling AnnacottyPike Rovers
U.13 Div. 1Newport TownRegional United
U.13 Div. 2GeraldinesFairview Rangers B
U.14 PremierPike RoversAisling Annacotty A
U.14 Div. 1Aisling Annacotty BAisling Annacotty C
U.14 Div. 2Fairview Rangers BSummerville Rovers B
U.15 PremierFairview Rangers Caherdavin Celtic
U.15 Div. 1Summerville RoversAisling Annacotty B
U.15 Div. 2ShelbourneCorbally United
U.16 PremierFairview RangersMungret Regional
U.16 Div. 1Corbally UnitedCaherdavin Celtic
League 2020/2021 season was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions – Divisional Cups were played in June 2021.

League & Cup Winners 2019

DivisionsLeague WinnersLeague Runners UpDiv. Cup WinnersDiv. Cup Runners Up
U.12 PremierRegional United AAisling Annacotty AAisling Annacotty APike Rvs A
U.12 Div. 1Caherdavin CelticCaherconlish ACaherdavin CelticBridge Celtic A
U.12 Div. 2Regional United CBallynanty RvsRegional United CMungret/Reg B
U.12 Div. 3Carew ParkStar RvsCarew ParkBridge Celtic B
U.13 PremierCaherdavin CelticAisling Annacotty ACaherdavin CelticAisling Annacotty A
U.13 Div. 1Corbally UtdCarew ParkAisling Annacotty BCarew Park
U.13 Div. 2Ballynanty RvsSummerville RvsSummerville RvsShelbourne
U.14 PremierAisling Annacotty APike Rvs AAisling Annacotty ACaherdavin Celtic
U.14 Div. 1Regional UnitedNewport TownRegional Utd. ANewport Town A
U.14 Div. 2Fairview Rgs BParkvilleParkvilleSummerville
U.15 PremierAisling/Annacotty ARegional Utd ARegional Utd. ACarew Park
U.15 Div. 1ShelbournePike Rvs / Fairview RgsPike RvsMungret/Reg
U.16 PremierAisling/Annacotty AFairview RgsAisling/Annacotty AFairview Rgs
U.16 Div. 1Carew ParkCorbally Utd. AAisling/Annacotty BCorbally Utd

League Winners – Short Season 2018

Age Group / DivisionChampions
U.16 PremierAishling Annacotty A
U.16 Div. 1Janesboro
U.16 Div. 2Newport Town B
U.15 PremierFairview Rangers A
U.15 Div. 1Caherdavin Celtic A
U.15 Div. 2Shelbourne
U.14 PremierAishling Annacotty A
U.14 Div. 1Regional Utd A
U.14 Div. 2Parkville
U.14 Div. 3Fairview Rangers B
U.13 PremierCaherdavin Celtic A
U.13 Div. 1Corbally United A
U.13 Div. 2Carew Park
U.13 Div. 3Pike Rovers B
U.12 PremierPike Rovers  A
U.12 Div. 1Caherdavin Celtic A
U.12 Div. 3Ballynanty Rvs
U.12 Div. 4Regional Utd  C

League and Cup Winners 2017/18

Age GroupLeagueCup
U-11 RedAisling/Annacotty 1 
U-11 Blue  
U-11 Green  
U-11 Brown  
U-11 White  
U-12 Shannon Ices Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AAisling/Annacotty A
U-12 Division OnePike Rovers ACorbally United A
U-12 Division TwoAisling/Annacotty CCarew Park
U-12 Division ThreePike Rovers BCaherconlish FC
U-12 Division Three League Cup  
U-13 Hynan Travel Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AAisling/Annacotty A
U-13 Division OneCaherdavin CelticBridge Celtic
U-13 Division TwoLisnagry FCLisnagry FC
U-13 Division ThreeGranville RangersGranville Rangers
U-14 Hynan Travel Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty ACorbally United A
U-14 Division OneJanesboroSummerville Rovers
U-15 Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AAisling/Annacotty A
U-15 Division OneFairview Rangers BAisling/Annacotty B
U-15 Division One League Cup  
U-16 Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AFairview Rangers A
U-16 Division OneNewport TownNewport Town

Region Cups 2017/2018

U12 Winner Caherdavin Celtic

U16 Runner Up Regional United

 League and Cup Winners 2016/17

Age GroupLeagueCup
U-12 Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AAisling/Annacotty A
U-12 Division OneAisling/Annacotty BSummerville Rovers
U-12 Division TwoBallynanty RoversLisnagry FC
U-13 Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AFairview Rangers A
U-13 Division OneNewport Town ANewport Town A
U-13 Division TwoShelbourne FC BShelbourne FC B
U-14 Premier DivisionLimerick FCLimerick FC
U-14 Division OneJanesboro FCShelbourne FC
U-14 Division One League CupShelbourne FC 
U-15 Premier DivisionLimerick FCFairview Rangers A
U-15 Division OneCaherdavin CelticCaherdavin Celtic
U-16 Premier DivisionPike RoversPike Rovers
U-16 Division OneStar RoversFairview Rangers B

Regions Cup Winners 2017

U-16 Pike Rovers

U-15 Regional United

Regions Cup Runners Up 2017

U-12 Fairview Rangers

League and Cup Winners 2015/16

Age GroupLeagueCup
U-12 Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty AAisling/Annacotty A
U-12 Division OneCarew ParkNewport Town
U-12 Division TwoJanesboro FCSummerville Rovers
U-13 Premier DivisionFairview Rangers APike Rovers
U-13 Division OneNewport Town ANewport Town A
U-13 Division TwoShelbourne FCCorbally United B
U-14 Premier DivisionAisling/Annacotty ARegional United A
U-14 Division OneGranville RangersCorbally United A
U-14 Division TwoFairview Rangers BRegional United B
U-15 Premier DivisionPike RoversPike Rovers
U-15 Division OneShelbourne FCShelbourne FC
U-16 Premier DivisionRegional United APike Rovers A
U-16 Division OneGeraldines FCPike Rovers B