L.D.S.L. Fixtures Notes 2023 / 2024

Welcome & Kindly Note, as always, all queries regarding fixtures are to be directed to the Acting LDSL fixtures secretary, Eddie Hanrahan, via club secretaries only.

Note, once fixtures appear on Website, they cannot be called off, except for exceptional circumstances.

Fixtures Notes

League Divisions set-up 2023/2024.

  • Non-Competitive Sides
  • u.7, 8, & 9’s – Blitz format as agreed.
  • u10 & u.11 – usual fixture format
  • Sides
  • All divisions are 2 round divisions, with the exceptions of u.16 div.1 & u.14 div.3, which are both one round divisions in the league.

Match Fees

The match fee this season will be the responsibility of the home team, the payment is to be put into an envelope and given to the referee before the game.

  • FAI Referees Fees & Expenses Agreement 2022-2024 Version 2. 2_6_22 (Underage)

Match Cards

See Link to download LDSL Match card sheet: