L.D.S.L. Fixtures Notes 2022 / 2023

Welcome & Kindly Note, as always, all queries regarding fixtures are to be directed to the LDSL fixtures secretary, Jerry Flynn, via club secretaries only.

Note, once fixtures appear on Website, they cannot be called off, except for exceptional circumstances.

Fixtures Notes

U 10 season finishes  April 29th.

U 11  finishes  May 6th

U 7  finishes  May 20th

U 8  finishes  May 13th

U 9  Girls and Boys   finishes  May 27th.

  • Due to the current shortage of referees in the Limerick League, the committee have decided to ask the managers of both teams to referee a half each for the coming season in U10 non competitive fixtures.
  • No Friendlies during season permitted unless on all weather pitches. SSG’s U.7/8/9’s are now permitted on grass pitches aswell.

LDSL League formats 2022/2023;

  • (as of this year, the top team at the end of season will be champions – No TOP FOUR playoffs)
  • In all leagues from u 12  to  u 16 its the top two teams get promoted and the bottom two teams get relegated, except for u 13 Premier league one teams gets relegated and two teams are promoted from div 1.
  • NOTE…
  • In the league Cup u 13 prem and u 13 div4 in the event of a draw penos will decide the result.
  • In the u 15 div 1 league Cup in the event of a draw each team receives a point. Its played on league format the top two teams meet in the final

  • U 10/11 boys and girls – one round league
  • U 11 boys brown – two rounds.
  • U 12 Girls Prem & Div 1 – two rounds.
  • U 13 Prem – 2 rounds plus League cup.
  • U 13 Div 4 – 2 rounds plus league cup.
  • U 15 Div. 1 – 2 rounds plus league cup.
  • U 15 Div 2 – 2 rounds
  • U 16 Div 1 – One Round
  • All other divisions will have a two round league.
  • All competitive leagues from U 12 to U 16 will have a divisional cup.

Match Fees

The match fee this season will be the responsibility of the home team, the payment is to be put into an envelope and given to the referee before the game.

  • U.10 & U.11 grade football is €20 per game.
  • U.12, U.13 & U.14 is €30
  • U.15 & U.16 is €35
  • €5 extra for outside city.. i.e. Bridgetown, Newport, Castleconnell, Caherconlish.

Match Cards

See Link to download LDSL Matchcard sheet: