L.D.S.L. Fixtures 2021 / 2022

Fixtures Notes

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Please Note: – Any queries regarding Fixtures, Results or League Tables should be directed to the Fixtures Secretary, Jerry Flynn, via CLUB Secretaries ONLY. m: 086 189 5722 e: jerryflynn74@gmail.com 

  • To all the clubs, This season all u 12 leagues will play 2 round leagues plus new league cup and the divisional cup.
  • All other leagues will play a 2 round league except for U 14 Div 2, who will play a 1 round league plus a league cup and divisional cup.
  • In the U 14 Div 1, and u 15 Div 1 there will be a league cup added plus a divisional cup.
  • In the U 10 and U 11 grades there will be a one round league.
  • In all leagues from u 12 to U 16 there will be a top 4 to decide the title. First will play Third, and Second will play Forth. In the event of tie for positions a toss of coin will determine the outcome.
  • In all leagues the teams that finish first and second will be promoted, and the bottom two teams will be relegated..

Fixtures Key – Home Team v Away Team, Kick Off Time, Venue, Referee (result to follow on results page)

A Referee, if required, will be appointed, and noted here closer to match date. Note: U.10’s upwards have appointed Referees, while U.7’s/8’s/9’s are normally self-ref games.

The match fee this season will be the responsibility of the HOME team, the payment is to be put into an envelope and given to the referee before the game. The referees this season will not be handing out linesman flags, so we are asking each club to have their own flags for the linesman at each venue. 

The attached team-sheet is to be used as the match cards.  Both teams will be responsible for printing out and completing the attached form before the game will commence for their own team.  Once the referee is handed the match card it will not be returned to the coaches for any reason, we ask you to ensure that all players are on the match card before handing it to the referee. The referee must have the card filled out by both teams before the kick off. The  referee will not start the game without the match card in his possession.

Yours in sport,

Jerry Flynn, Fix Secretary. L.D.S.L.

ALL Clubs note, fixtures, times and venues are subject to change. Please ensure to check fixtures as per below …

Fixtures Key – Home Team v Away Team, Kick Off Time, Venue, Referee, (result to follow on results page)

September 25th Saturday

U 10 Red Group

  • Corbally Utd 1 v Fairview Rgs 1, 11am, Athlunkard, F O Donovan
  • Janesboro 1 v Lisnagry 1, 12.30pm, Pearse Stadium, A Galvin           
  • Aisling/Anna 1 v Caherdavin Celtic 1, 11am Newtown Pk, E Darcy 
  • Mungret/Reg 2 v Shelbourne 1, 11am, Mungret, Kallen McCarthy       
  • Aisling/Anna 2 v Mungret/Reg 1, 11am, Newtown Pk, T Mannion         

U 10 Blue Group

  • Limerick v Newport Town, 11am, Hogan Pk, J Clancy
  • Granville Rgs v Geraldines, 11am, Glenbrook, R Broe        
  • Aisling/Anna 3 v Pike Rvs, 12.30pm Newtown Pk, T Mannion           
  • Mungret/Reg 3 v Ballynanty Rvs, 12.30pm, Mungret, K McCarthy       
  • Aisling/Anna 4 v Aisling/Anna 5, 12.30pm, Newtown Pk, E Darcy 

U 10 Green Group 

  • Shelbourne 2   Fairview Rgs 2, 11am LPYMA, M Kiely      
  • Summerville Rvs v Caherdavin Celti 2, 11am, Portland Pk  J Galvin
  • Aisling/Anna 6 v Parkville, 2pm, Newtown Pk, T Mannion
  • Mungret/Reg 4 v Bridge Celtic, 2pm, Mungret, K McCarthy           
  • Aisling/Annacotty 7 v Janesboro, 2pm, Newtown Pk, E Darcy           
  • Lisnagry 2 v Corbally Utd 2, 2pm, Scanlon Pk, J Reilly      

U 12 Premier

  • Aisling/Anna 2 v Regional Utd v 11am, Annacotty Grass, B Higgins          
  • Pike Rvs v Mungret/Reg v 11am, Pike Grounds, D Downing           
  • Shelbourne v Aisling/Annaco 1, 12.30pm, LPYMA, M Kiely           

U 12 Div 1 League

  • Aisling/Anna C v Pike Rvs B, 12.30pm, Annacotty Grass, B Higgins
  • Bridge Celtic A v Lisnagry A, 11am, Bridgetown, J Reilly 
  • Corbally Utd A v Regional Utd B, 12.30pm, Athlunkard, F O Donovan        
  • Fairview Rgs A v Ballynanty Rvs, 11am, Fairgreen, R Conway          
  • Limerick v Caherconlish, 12.30pm, Hogan Pk, J Clancy     
  • Caherdavin Cel A v Newport Town A, 11am, Greenhills, M Bourke

U 12 Div 2 League

  • Summerville Rvs v Moyross Utd, 12.30pm, Portland Pk, J Galvin, OFF
  • Parkville v Aisling/Anna D, 12.30pm, Roxboro Pitch, A Galvin        
  • Star Rvs v Shelbourne   B, 11am, Lee Estate, D Power
  • Summerville Rvs v Geraldines, 12.30pm, Portland Pk, J Galvin * note new fixture

U 12 Div 3 League

  • Pike Rvs C v Bridge Celtic B, 12.30pm, Pike Grounds, D Downing        
  • Regional Utd C v Newport Town B, 11am, Dooradoyle, P O Brien  
  • Fairview Rgs B v Aisling/Anna E, 12.30pm, Fairgreen, R Conway

U 14 Premier League

  • Fairview Rgs A v Mungret/Reg A, 2pm, Fairgreen, R Conway           
  • Aisling/Anna B v Aisling/Anna A, 2.30pm, Annacotty Astro, A Galvin
  • Pike Rvs A v Corbally Utd A, 2pm, Pike Grounds, D Downing           
  • Shelbourne v Regional Utd A, 2pm, LPYMA, M Kiely                                           

U 14 Div 1 League

  • Caherdavin Cel v Aisling/Anna C, 12.30pm, Greenhills, M Bourke
  • Newport Town A v Regional Utd B, 11am, Newport, C Walsh                                   

U 14 Div 2 League

  • Mungret/Reg B v Fairview Rgs B, 11am, Castlemungret, M Monahan        
  • Regional Utd C v Aisling/Anna D, 12.30pm Dooradoyle, P O Brien              
  • Summerville Rvs v Caherconlish 2pm, Portland Pk, J Galvin           
  • Corbally Utd B v Moyross Utd, 11am, Athlunkard, J Mac, OFF
  • Geraldines v Newport Town B, 11am, Garryowen, T Meagher

U 16 Premier League

  • Corbally Utd A v Pike Rvs A, 12.30pm, Athlunkard , J Mac
  • Mungret/Reg A v Caherdavin Cel A, 12.30pm, Castlemungret, M Monahan   
  • Aisling/Anna A v Fairview Rgs A, 2pm, Annacotty grass, B Higgins

U 16 Div 1 League

  • Newport Town v Summerville Rvs, 12.30pm, Newport, C Walsh 
  • Caherconlish v Aisling/Annac B, 11am, Caherconlish, G Clancy
  • Granville Rgs v Shelbourne, 2pm, Glenbrook, R Broe

Small Sided Games

U 8 Red Group

  • Summerville Rvs 1 v Aisling/Annacott 2, Portland Pk                     
  • Caherdavin Celtic 1 v Aisling/Annacott 1, Greenhills                      
  • Limerick v Pike Rvs, Hogan Pk
  • Shelbourne 1 v Mungret/Reg 1, LPYMA

U 8 Blue Group

  • Ballynanty Rvs v Aisling/Annacott 4, Shelbourne Pk                      
  • Janesboro v Aisling/Annaco 3, Pearse Stadium                    
  • Lisnagry v Bridge Celtic, Scanlon Pk           
  • Geraldines v Mungret/Reg 2, Garryowen                 
  • Granville Rgs v Fairview Rgs , Glenbrook                                        

U 8 Green Group

  • Shelbourne 2 v Newport, LPYMA              
  • Caherconlish v Mungret/Reg 3, Caherconlish                      
  • Summerville Rvs 2 v Aisling/Annacot 6, Portland Pk                      
  • Moyross Utd v Aisling/Annacot 5, Moyross, OFF   
  • Corbally Utd 2 v Caherdavin Celti 2, Athlunkard                

Girls League

Girls League U 11

  • Bridge Celtic v Caherdavin Celtic, 12.30pm, Bridgetown, J Reilly 
  • Granville Rgs v Lisnagry, 12.30pm, Glenbrook, R Broe      
  • Newport v Regional Utd 2, 2pm, Newport, C Walsh
  • Pike Rvs v Regional Utd 1, 3.30pm, Pike Astro, D Downing