Registration & Transfers (FAInet)

NOTE: – See below – the updated ‘Transfers & Registrations Points To Note’ 

Contact League Registrar – Roberto Donnarumma for further information.

Players can be signed and registered on FAInet from August 1st 2021

Updated ‘Transfers & Registrations Points To Note’ document regarding the extended 2020 calendar season leagues, current 2021 calendar season leagues, extended 2020/21 Winter season leagues, and upcoming 2021/22 Winter season leagues.

Player Registration & Transfer
The FAI has a standardised form which must be filled in by players wishing to register to play for a club in an affiliated league or transferring from one club to another. Both are available to download by clicking below.

2022 / 2023 Season age groups. : – 2007 – U16; 2008 – U15; 2009 – U14; 2010 – U13; 2011 – U12; 2012 – U11; 2013 – U10; 2014 – U9; 2015 – U8; 2016 – U7

L.D.S.L. Registrar – Karen O’Callaghan.

Contacts: m: 087 685 6018 e:

Procedure for transfers with FAInet:

1. A request for transfer must be entered on FAInet for player to be transferred, select transfer type = Transfer (not Free Agent).
2. A standard FAI transfer form downloadable from FAI website (Click Here) must be completed and uploaded on the FAInet transfer request.
3. The completed form must be posted by registered post to LDSL address together with transfer fee (as per FAI transfer form).
4. On receiving such form the Honorary Secretary will place them before the L.D.S.L. Committee at its weekly meeting for the transfer to be noted.
5. Players being transferred can only play with their new club ONE CLEAR DAY from the date of postmark.

Transfer windows (from FAI rule book)

The transfer period for all football under the jurisdiction of the SFAI up to and including the Under 16 grade shall be:

a) From 1st August to 31st December when transferring between teams both competing in the winter season;

b) From 1st August to 31st January when transferring from a team competing in the winter season to a team competing in the summer season;

c) From 1st January to 30th April when transferring from a team competing in the summer season to a team competing in the summer season; and

d) From 1st August to 31st August when transferring from a team competing in the summer season to a team competing in the winter season.



For any club looking to write to the league or if you require to transfer players.  Transfers can be sent to the following address via the Club Secretaries.

Limerick District schoolboy/girl League,

C/O iQutech,

Unit B1 Annacotty Business Park,



Att John Kennedy Hon. Secretary