FAI – Online Referee Beginner Courses – March

Hi all,

The Referee Department have confirmed two online referee beginner courses due to take place in March. I would appreciate if you could advertise these courses in your areas.

Online Courses consist of 9 hours of self-directed learning that the participants complete in their own time, this is then followed by 6-hours on Zoom, spread over two nights with FAI Referee Instructors.

I have included the details below and all courses be accessed using the following link https://fainet.ie/vkal/mod_vkal/webflow.do?event=ANGEBOT_NEW&dmg_company=IRL&params.bereichId=01QUTGKPVC000000VUM100GLVUK2MC3H

MethodLocationCountyDateTimeBooking Link
OnlineVia ZoomN/A14th and 15th March7pm – 10pm both nightshttps://fainet.ie/vkal/mod_vkal/webflow.do?event=SHOW_VERANSTALTUNG&dmg_company=IRL&params.veranstaltungId=02HBNVQK9K000000VUM100GLVVHHCLPR
OnlineVia ZoomN/A15th and 16th March7pm – 10pm both nightshttps://fainet.ie/vkal/mod_vkal/webflow.do?event=SHOW_VERANSTALTUNG&dmg_company=IRL&params.veranstaltungId=02HBO0VUC8000000VUM100GLVVHHCLPR

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Regards Rob

Rob Hennessey FAI Referee Executive