FAI launch Referee and Compliance Officer Protocols ahead of Return to Football – 16.07.2020

The Football Association of Ireland have launched documents for ‘Matchday Protocol for Grassroots Referees’ and a ‘COVID-19 Compliance Officer Role and Responsibilities’.

Ahead of the return of competitive grassroots football this weekend, the documents provide guidance to match officials and COVID-19 Compliance Officers about the additional responsibilities that must be undertaken as part of the Safer Return to Football.

FAI President Gerry McAnaney says the work that has taken place at grassroots clubs in recent weeks is a credit to the grassroots community around the country.

“On behalf of the Football Association of Ireland, I would like to thank all of the club volunteers around the country who have taken on the additional responsibility of becoming a COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

“The work being done at clubs of all levels in making sure grounds are safe for players, coaches, officials and supporters has been a journey, but one that will reap great benefits for our sport.

“I look forward to seeing players return to competitive action this weekend, but the action we will celebrate on the pitch is only possible thanks to the diligence we have seen off the field in recent weeks,” McAnaney concluded.

Chair of the National Referees Committee Gerard Perry added that the Referee Protocol will give officials the necessary tools to return to football.

“Referees are an integral part of football and must be as prepared as players and clubs for games. In the extraordinary times we are currently living there is added importance to ensure readiness for the ninety minutes of football.

“This ‘Matchday Protocol for Grassroots Referees’ provides guidance and direction to match officials on how to manage the administration and the refereeing of games.

“The ‘Laws of the Game’ provide referees with all the necessary authority to deal with all on-field issues, whilst other matters should be reported to the leagues who run the competitions.”

Both documents are now available to view and download on the FAI’s Safer Return page.